Friday, November 18, 2011

I Guess Three Feet Is Enough......

I've never done this before..... I've never cared for a pet from birth to death.  Never had a pet that I loved hard and long enough to call family.  Never had a pet that wormed it's way into my heart and brought such joy, fun and laughter..... until Honey Bear.  Somehow his birth certificate read "Sweet Honey Bear II".  But we knew him as "Honey Bear".  (The "Bear" part I added, after I refused to let my daughter name a male dog just "Honey".)

I've never had to bury a pet before.  I don't know, two feet deep?  Surely not 4-5.... I guess three is enough.  I know I have to do this.  No way am I leaving him with the vet to "dispose of".  This guy deserves a prominent place in our backyard.  A place we can remember him each time we go back there.

Each time we see that spot we can enjoy a when he was a baby and we were watching him eat to the bottom of his dish, his hind legs coming off the ground as he strained for those last few bites.  Or the times he would get so excited to ride in the car or take a walk on "the trail", knowing this time he was finally going to catch that biker.  Or when we watched our friends enjoy seeing his frenzied excitement as he was told it was time for his "walk".  The spinning and barking from an otherwise mild mannered dog was a real treat.

I guess what I'll miss most of all are the quiet evenings of snuggling up beside me, or sleeping in my lap as I read the paper or watched television.  I'll miss the head popping up at the front window as I pull up the drive, waiting for the garage door to rise.  I won't have anybody run to the door as I come in, saying "Alright, Terry's home!  I've been waiting all day for you!"  (No, my wife doesn't do that... does yours?)

Yes, three feet is enough.  As I gently lay my best friend to rest, his full eight pounds seems just a little bit heavier this morning.  I guess it's okay to cry.  After all, our vet did......

Today I've lost one of the most loyal, loving and obedient friends I've ever had.  You are loved Honey Bear, and will be sorely missed and never forgotten.  Rest in peace Big Guy.


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