Saturday, November 5, 2011

A One Inch Nose Hair!

Okay, it wasn't one inch, but it might as well have been.... How do those things grow like that out of nowhere?  I look in the mirror in the morning and all is well, and later in the day here's one single nose hair shooting out of my right nostril, apparently trying to become the start of an unwanted mustache.

Once I hit 50, it's like all of the sudden my nose hairs can't stand the dark.  They're all competing to be the first ones out.  You know what I'm talking about...... You sit across from a guy at lunch who never trims his nose.  You wonder if he's aware of it and doesn't care, or if he's oblivious to that bouquet.  You try to keep eye contact, but find yourself glancing down about two inches.  You just KNOW you saw it move, but weren't sure.

I don't understand it.  You can do your best to trim them up before you go out for the evening, and somehow one "strong-willed" hair waits to pop out as soon as you begin meeting your friends.  I figure I have two options -- use a finger and try to stuff it back up my nose until later where I can deal with it in private, or get a good grip and pull.  (Note: if you don't want to appear to be "sensitive", don't use second option.)

I thought maybe a long-term answer was to try and pour wax up my nose while standing on my head.  Don't try it.... it only leaves you gasping for breath and swallowing hot wax....

Okay, I'm done with my rant.  This over 50 thing is NOT what it's cracked up to be..... Hey, is that a new hair on my ear?!?!?!? 



  1. It least you don't have to put your reading glasses on to see it...let me know if you see anything coming out of my nose the next time we a friend and tell me...You know I can't see it!.....:-)

  2. After 50 hair grows everywhere except where you want it.Ed Cantin

  3. try having nose hair AND a mustache! tickle tickle tickle!