Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've Always Taken Great Pride in My Humility

What do you think God hates the most? I would say, based on what we observe in the New Testament, it would have to be PRIDE. Christ usually had something to say about it, in pretty strong words. Sooo, what attitude helps to eliminate pride from our lives? Bingo -- humility.

This is good for me, because I've always taken great pride in my humility....

It's interesting how God has a way of keeping us in line.... Recently, I went for  physical therapy on my tendinitical shoulder (I just made up that word...has to do with the tendons). The therapist observed something he wanted the doctor to take a look at. He retreived him from the bowels of his office, which (after he washed up of course), brought all the other therapists over, which, of course, had all the other patients staring, just waiting for their therapists to come back.....

The doctor asked me to raise my arm and said, "now push against my hand", as he poked my right pec muscle. "See there", he says, "no pec tone." "When I push here there should be pec tone." "Come here, you do it." The therapist comes around and pushes against my raised arm.... " yep, no pec tone." "See", the doctor says, "no pec tone!" "Yeah", the therapist says, "no pec tone!" All the therapists and attendees in the circle shake their heads knowingly, "Man, no pec tone."
Not believing what I'm hearing, I ask, did you say I had SOME pec tone? "NO", says the doctor, " I said you have NO pec tone."

Of course, he didn't take time to explain why that medically happened, based on my shoulder's malfunction. He just told all 4 therapists, 1 doctor attendee, 6 patients, and the 3 at the desk..... "HEY EVERYBODY, GET THIS...THIS GUY HERE HAS NO PEC TONE!!!"

I finished up with that electrical stimulus machine and asked if they could attach it to my brain to erase some bad memories, but apparently I'd have to sign some papers for that.....

As I was leaving, I'm almost sure I heard a lady waiting on therapy whisper to the person next to her, "Hey, isn't that the guy with no pec tone?"

I'm not sure I'm going back.....until I need another heavy dose of humility.

"Before honor is humility."- Proverbs 15:33

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  1. Hmmm and which one of you is the guy with no pec tone ?? so sad :) Loving your blog guys you may have grown 'older and wiser' and lost some tone :) but you are still the same guys I met back in 1975!!! xo Lois