Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's your legacy?

There have been a lot of news articles and videos recently about the incredble life of Steve Jobs.  His accomplishments were remarkable.  He was the co-founder of Apple, one of the most successful technology companies ever.  His genius brought us iconic products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, to name a few.  He created "breakthrough technologies" for animated movies, while working at one of his companies that was the forerunner to Pixar.  Phenomenal accomplishments for a man who never graduated from college.

Steve Jobs recently died at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  I learned of his passing on AOL news, which I read on my iPhone.  It was surreal to read about his death on one of the devices that he created.  The article said that he was a "visionary" in his public life and that in his private life he cherished his family.  He left behind a wife and three children.

I don't know a lot about Mr. Jobs but I certainly admire his spirit, drive and intelligence.  He accomplished more in his extraordinary life than most of us could ever dream.  I've been thinking about him a lot since his passing.  I recently watched a video of a speech he delivered to the Stanford University graduates in 2006. In the speech, he seemed to be humble and appreciative. He had recently survived surgery, which he thought at the time, had completely removed the cancer from his body.  That surgery did, in fact, add almost five and half more years to his life.

Steve Jobs was worth billions of dollars. But I find myself wondering if that mattered much to him.   I even wonder if all of his inventions and business accomplishments really mattered much in his final days.  His obituary (which I also read on my iPhone) said that he died peacefully surrounded by his family (not his inventions).

Our way of life was drastically changed by this man's creations....yet life goes on and eventually someone else will come up with even greater inventions.  I'm sure that we will all think about Steve Jobs less and less. All of us except his family and his closest friends.  They will probably think of him more and more, because his legacy lives on through them.

So, my question today to myself and to you is a simple one.  Are you investing your time, talents and resources in the people who matter the most?  Are you taking the time to talk to them "in person?".......or are you spending way too much time on your iPod, iPad or iPhone?  Remember, your legacy is really the only thing that lives on after your time on earth is done.  It is all about the people in your life whom you can influence the most.  Invest in those people TODAY!!! 

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