Friday, October 14, 2011

Your Fly is Undone-A lesson in humility

I've been a host on the QVC network for the past 20-plus years. It's a fun and challenging job. Our studios in West Chester, PA are HUGE.  There are windows along the top of each studio and during the day tour groups stroll by and stop for a peak down into the studio. At the end of the route, there is a "cat walk" where they can actually walk out over the "live"studio.

One day I was getting ready to go on the air to host a jewelry show. I always stop up to the Producer's desk which is perched atop one corner of the studio. As I was finishing up my "pre-show meeting," I looked up and saw a group on the cat walk. I waved enthusiastically and welcomed them to Studio A. It's always fun to say "hi" to our viewers because they feel like they know us and they are always excited to see us in person. I was wearing one of finest suits so I felt like I was "looking pretty good!" I  ran down the steps to the studio to take my place on the set after my greeting.

As the director was setting up my camera shot he said, rather emphatically, into my earpiece, "Dan, you might want to check your fly." I said, "Yea sure. I'm not falling for that one!" "No, you really should check it out now!" I looked down and sure enough it was completely unzipped, My navy blue undies were on display for all the world (and the tour group I had just greeted) to see.

I can only imagine what the conversation among the tour group was: "Wow, we have never seen a host with his fly down before!" or "I wonder if Dan wanders the halls of QVC like that and zips up just before his show! or "We sure got our money's worth today!"

God sure as a sense of humor!  He has His Ways to keep us HUMBLE!!!


  1. Very funny Dan, I think that every guy has had this humbling experiance at one time or another lol. God bless. Ed Cantin